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Karezza Adventure-Workshop, Düsseldorf

Karezza means "stroking, caressing" and is a form of union that is not about orgasm.

On the contrary, consciously the orgasm as a desired goal is deleted from the mind. It does not work towards the climax, but perceives the moment and moment of physical fusion as a form of caress. At the same time one strokes oneself, looks into the eyes, kisses and exchanges cuddling units.The point of the matter is to consciously remove the pressure to reach a climax out of sexuality. The constant hunt for the orgasm and the associated stress is eliminated. Especially for couples who have long-standing relationships, this form of sexuality is absolutely enriching and can have a healing effect. So instead of an annoying bed-compulsory exercise with the ultimate goal orgasm a lustful togetherness, which can be extremely enjoyable and can cause deep connectedness.Without any expectation, the partners appear affectionate and love each other to reach a deeper level of relationship.
  • Karezza is also referred to as a form of love-crafting, not as a modulus of austerity. The couple simply let their sexual energy flow and as soon as the arousal is too "hot", one lets this excitation curve sink again to get back to the beginning. This leads to a physical and spiritual fusion that evokes a deep love and reflects the feeling of oneness. Especially for women Karezza is a welcome element in sexuality, because they never feel reduced with this technique as an object for orgasm fulfillment. On the contrary: Karezza communicates to the partner that he is fully accepted. The ability to indulge and let the process flow, you will learn in my workshop. Other elements: methods to decelerate in hot phases, techniques of posture, conscious acceptance orgasmless stay

    2,5 hours - 500 Euro